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Welcome to Lead Access: Empowering Leaders At All Levels
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Our Mission
Empowering leaders at all levels.
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Inspiring Minds
We support individuals and teams with an aim to foster a culture of success.
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Where Passion Meets Possibility
Connect with our dedicated team for support no matter where you are located.
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Our Solutions

For Individuals

Unlock your full potential through personalized coaching and career development programs tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.
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For Organizations

Partner with us to elevate your team's leadership skills and propel your organization to new heights.
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For Women

Empower your path to success with our specialized programs for leadership development and career advancement
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Success Stories
What our partners are saying

What started as a 15 mins clarity call led to an 8 weeks intensive coaching program. Each session had a clear outcome. Navigating new responsibilities as a leader can be challenging, I discovered hidden strengths to tap into with my coach at Lead Access and I can't thank them enough for pushing me to go the extra mile.
Nathalie Niyonzima Program Lead & Learning Lead - Mastercard Foundation
Nathalie Niyonzima Program Lead & Learning Lead Mastercard Foundation
I don't think I would be the leader I am today without the support, push of my coach from Lead Access. Her leadership program is designed to challenge any leader to step up, be accountable and learn new ways to become agile while leading self and others. One lesson I took from my coach is 'Everything that you need is already within you, just be brave enough to bring it out.'
Dorcas Rutunda Head of Expansion and Product - ITM
Dorcas Rutunda Head of Expansion and Product ITM
Lead Access organized a successful strategic retreat and team building for our team. We would definately recommend Lead Access to other players in our industry.
Patrick Nkulikiyimfura Managing Director - Akagera Aviation
Patrick Nkulikiyimfura Managing Director Akagera Aviation

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your leadership and coaching firm provide?
Our leadership and coaching firm provides a wide range of services including one-on-one executive coaching, team-based coaching, leadership training workshops, and personalized leadership development programs.
What are the qualifications and experiences of your coaches?
Our coaches boast impressive qualifications, typically with certifications from International Coach Federation (ICF) and backgrounds in disciplines such as business, psychology or HR. They also possess several years' experience in leadership and executive coaching.
What are the costs associated with your training or coaching programs?
Our cost varies depending on numerous factors like the program duration, the complexity of the issues being addressed, etc. It's best to contact us directly for a more accurate quote.
Is there any follow-up or ongoing support after the training or coaching programs?
Post training and coaching, we provide ongoing support through follow-up sessions, email check-ins and occasional refresher courses.

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